How Much Does 360 Photo Booth Rental Service Cost?

How much does 360 photo booth rental cost?

There are a couple factors in determing how nuch

There are a couple factors that determine how much your 360 photo booth rental is going to cost.  In this post we are going to discuss the 3 main factors in the cost of 360 photo booth rental.

Event Type

We service two types of events, we service standard clients, for gatherings up to 300 people, and we also service corporate events. Corporate events are any event sponsored by a business entity that will be hosting 300 or more people. To schedule a corporate event please call (586)666-3772 for a customized quote.


Another factor that can play a role in your 360 photo booth rental price is, any additional add-ons you may want for your event. We will be adding new add-ons in the upcoming month as we continue to grow.

360 Photobooth Packages

We have several packages you can choose from. Each higher package options offers more features to make you event even more epic. You can see our 360 Photo Booth Rental Prices here

No Matter which kind of event you’re hosting, we have a package that will fit your budget.